Drifting Away

Pablo Picasso - Asleep_1932

Destruction from everywhere,
too much of something
is the opposite of too little…
both are equally alienating.

This life we lead
is like trying meditation…
The only way out
is to go your own way.

Set up like that
You become a Front-Runner.
You can only ascend to the top,
BEFORE all your thoughts.

Sometimes Plan B’s back on track,
suppressed ideas
are part of the DESIGN.
Do NOT dismiss anything.

Theorizing over things,
finding YOUR own perspective…
until you realize
We have ALL been played.

Then you can start afresh.
One thing leads to another and so on…
Retain a level of detachment when you can,
it’s insanity the number of people still unaware.

Struggling to do anything right
require social intelligence,
as in being a natural human being
with a definitive position.

Trying hard not to get lost in translations
or you risk losing sight of what’s going on.
THINK of what could possibly be the meaning of this and that…?
How would you go about doing it differently?

you have nothing to fear from such a regular world!
But you know It never ends, even when YOU think YOU SEE
the curtain falling at the end of the play…©



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