Looking through Perspex

Tintoretto - Bacchus and Ariadne - 1578

We were BEST friends for a while

now the memory is best left untouched,
but I feel richer inside having met you…
and all the others too.

Some days I don’t believe in anything:
not in my POTENTIAL, not in yours,
not in life, I’m sorry…
some days are just like that.

It feels like something teases me by
asking me to do something, but… I ask you:
‘Show me NOW, show me what you can do
and then maybe I will believe you too.’

The wind is different today,
yesterday it was strong and hot…
today is less strong and chilly,
but do you KNOW…?

The step we built this morning
was made of quicksand
and now we feel as if we sunk deeper,
lower and backwards.

But thinking this way…
it’s like looking at LIFE
through Perspex…
the image gets distorted.

We need to understand this
and look beyond …
accept the WINDS…
be FLEXIBLE and move on.

We need to build stronger steps
to spiral again in the right direction
we need to use what we have as background
to do what we need to shake this numbness off!



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