The Yellow Barren Branch

Yellow Barren BranchIt was like the Secret Space Program

Walking up and up
While the leaves left the barren branches
I felt you by my side

Advanced intuition
On a wider spectrum
Thinking of asymmetrical wars
But turning out just a door in the wall

And we laughed and I felt …
Like during a debrief
Barren and open
Looking at a secret passage

But their twilight language …
so miserable and misguiding
I prefer it when it’s like a straight shooter
who tells it as it is

Instead they had us glancing
Over and over through a looking glass
And what we saw in its place
Was a Yellow barren branch

You used to tell me
‘always keep some room available
Some openness to understand
The intricacies of life’

There was NEVER a short answer
With them it was never a yes/no
And it’s never simple
To be vocal and outspoken we know

Why do we bother to even try
access those layers
When we don’t even have anymore
Bedrocks to fall back on

Next time in similar kind of cases
In a way just pure malice
the answers to the questions are easy
when you mispronounce the name…



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