Inside a Globe


We were inside a globe

Planet EARTH globe, you know that one?
There was no SKY
but we could see Australia there
and the Americas there..
It was a concave thing without sky
and we were inside …and I said:
‘How beautiful…which dimension is this?’

That’s when I saw you along the river
playing with ENERGY …
A sphere in your HANDS …
moving around your head effortlessly…
So effortless… oh so effortless….
I sat nearby
FOCUSING on reality in your EYES
holding that sphere in your hands…

While I was watching you …
YOU smiled and invited me to try;
I was feeling like that day at the Pyramids
knowing I was there YET not feeling much…
Effortless…you made it seem so effortless…
playing with ENERGY…
while moving that sphere in your hands
FASTER and faster still…

Pretending not to see other people!
Maybe the tiredness
or the long waiting
or something or other…
kept me from feeling…
and you turned your head
while holding the sphere in your hands
and I saw that man watching…

He was like a scientist looking at people
as if they were particles … and you said:
‘This is a nice quality shock! People need to see
what your creativity is capable of…’
So that went to my head and I thought:
‘Just Imagine if all the statues at the V&A
started to laugh… along the corridor …
how would we feel huh?

INSTEAD OF trying to look at that clock
to do a reality check!’
AND then I said: ‘LOOK … that clock doesn’t move;
it shows 10 past something or other …constantly!’
That’s when I realized:
IT was a dream…!
BUT I didn’t believe ME, and you said:
‘See that guy? He’s from the THEATRE, surely!

Look at him…! Just look at him!’
BUT He was distracting!
So I pushed him off the old train.
That’s when HE found the clock, which
he opened and found things inside…
STRANGE things,
while the other guy poured beer all over himself,
‘to get a suntan’ he said. I LEFT IT AT THAT.



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