The Art of Awakening


Cycling in the city she found a ‘new’ road and went up and up circling it;
it looked like a spiral, and at one turning she saw the local postman
and for some reasons she didn’t want him to see her up there,
so she waited outside a shop nearby, until he left.

She continued cycling reaching the top and to her surprise
there wasn’t a way down, but the road kept going up and up,
until the path became part of the mountain itself.
At the plateau the scenery looked awesome;

Surrounded by mountains she had never seen,
she knelt on the edge of a large opening…
looking like a large crescent…
she knelt to gaze at the magnificent view.

It was a view out of this world and she thought: ‘I must tell my love’…
and then suddenly she saw an unhappy woman passing quickly and jumping
into the void; even though Luna didn’t look she felt the woman’s body
crashing on the rocks below…

Many people gathered to take a look …
a woman in shock passed Luna nearby, who now had to look…
and there in the spacious crescent like landscape
she saw an exhibition called: ‘The Awakening’

The circle was shaping up.


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