Act of Magic

Angelica Kaufmann - not known - 1741-1807
Reality in its infinite possibilities and the belief that

the power of thought controls the paradigm we are in.

The maestro was teaching the two artists to draw and paint
Venetian canals, Luna stopped to observe; while one artist
followed the teaching, the other had painted a landscape.

It was a desert, there were dunes … walking on the dunes
there was a beautiful woman, with red lipstick, blue eyes
and pale skin, she was dressed in white;

She was looking at a man standing before her who was looking
ahead; next to him an old man with long white hair; wearing a
long white tunic; both the old man and the woman were
looking at the man in front of them.

The artist said to Luna: ‘Look how beautiful the woman is…’
and Luna saw her so beautiful and the man, she knew, was
watched by the part in him.

Suddenly the painting became alive. Other people arrived and
brutally kicked them in the sand until the bodies disappeared.
It was an extraordinary act of magic disappearance.


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