You are born, you are f…..

Pablo Picasso - Asleep_1932

At a lecture I went to some years ago, the speaker looking at the audience said matter of fact: ‘you are born and you are fucked!’

I remember finding that so amusing, and on rare occasions I used that ‘quote’ when trying to explain some odd concepts about life, so I would say: ‘you know once I went to a lecture and the opening line was ‘you are born and you are fucked!’… and that made people laugh, because you see it’s a funny quote, and people think (like I did) it’s a bold statement but not really accurate… because it doesn’t really apply to everyone… not to me certainly not. So we laughed it off…
But then I began to realize something and then something else and now I’m using that quote with an added perspective, because I can see more clearly now, and I quote ‘we are born and we are fucked by three major things’:

  1. Family
  2. Religion
  3. Education

and not necessarily in that order, and possibly by other things too…

So once we become ‘aware’ how do we choose HOW to deal with all the massive brainwashing?
Not an easy answer! Mainly because the majority of people we are dealing with DO believe in what they say without even considering they may even be fooling themselves.

So how do we break a system so defined?

That’s when the idea of ‘free will’ comes into PLAY for we need to question what we consider our choices in response to something, anything really.

Sure there are things that can help us become more aware, for example activating our IMAGINATION by exploring new things often, learning about various forms of ART, walking in NATURE with nature, reviewing our DREAMS and explore their meaning in relation to our lives… Yes these are all TOOLS to be used!


It is IMPORTANT because in doing so we discover our INDIVIDUALITY.

Some people follow rules and the steps set out for them, while others question and try new and different ways to live their lives and in doing so they may meet some of the few who KNOW… something more…

Along the way we chose to play ‘parts’, some chose (believe it or not) very few parts all their lives (I’ve seen it) and some chose a few more and different parts here and there UNTIL they just LIVE… yes people who just live their lives!

This process comes natural, to some people but not to others, you see it’s not so simple, that’s why I cited 3 main show-stoppers: family, religion, education… Breaking the pattern can be so HARD, because people may even forget they are being broken over and over by the system.


Discovering our INDIVIDUAL self is KEY, and it is A PROCESS… a long process, so better to begin!


To Be Cont…



  1. Oh, you could probably throw Government in there too if you’d like. The funny thing about it all is how one chooses to deal with it. It’s true or it isn’t true.


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