The Party

Self Acceptance.png

There was a party going on in the flat underneath Luna’s.
She went to check it out, people were arriving already.
She was hoping Michelle would be arriving too, she was
always much fun to be with.

Nobody she knew was around, she went inside feeling
underground, there was no one she could talk to, she
felt an outsider; no one was interesting, but she stood
there, as there was a man with paranormal activity.

While she struggled to focus on him, her mind went some
place else; when someone asked him about colours, she
could easily perceive what he was seeing while observing
people: white, blue and purple: a transformation of colours.

He was showing her some other colours too when she got
distracted as Michelle walked in wearing a long tight tunic,
looking very well. Luna had been waiting for her so long,
but Michelle was tired and left soon after.

Feeling sorry, but not really, Michelle often behaved like
that and Luna turned her attention to the man; now reality
was interfacing with dreams and dreams were interfacing
with her … and memory was beginning to fail her…


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