Giorgio de Chirico - Piazza - 1925

Isn’t this a world full of rhetoric?
And we hear them saying:’be PATIENT!’
But you see PATIENCE is
a strange thing!

Didn’t we say we needed a break…?
Then what are they doing in ‘this’ space?
During the day it’s okay,
but during the night it’s more insane…

At night the city’s lights make you feel
so privileged to be there
at that time in your lives,
but you see: the Martians are there too …

They even like elephants!
They discuss often things like:
‘Geo-engineering Vs. chem-trails’
That’s where semantic counts!

You see that kinds of singularity
is scarcely comprehensible;
merely transitional characters.
Perfect tales for dim minds!

And we seem to miss out the move
on the Global Chessboard
while they play the idiot’s dance
holding contradictions everywhere

The signals are cut across history…
Life is a choice between rhetoric and images,
but in essence, really
we do not know what to do with it.



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