The Quatrain


‘Opening a door only to see

myself staring back at me,
when I really expected to
see you there in front of me.’©

Like a treatise of Omar Khayyám
she lay there watching the inverted
showing her images of future times
making their way to a distant land. ©

But are we moving onward or backward
are our worlds enveloped in clouded words
for the fools are driven by ignorance
and the clever are drying up their brilliance. ©

‘I like your madness because I understand it
and I know this is not for everybody!
But I am here around you,
trying to show a different you.’ ©

‘I ask you once again: let me in!
I will treasure your diamond until
you will be ready to hold it safe
for the light above you to remain.’ ©

‘If it is so that more and more people
are narcissistically ill nowadays
let them go their own way then…
I have been there I know of that place.’ ©

Looking at the old woman’s eyes
her face so wrinkled her eyes so clear
‘Tell me oh ‘wise one’
how did you get so old and clear?’ ©

‘We are not just good and bad
we are much, much more,
so hang out a while longer
you will discover a whole new world!’ ©

‘But if you keep looking for something else
you will find only dust
and in your hands you will see only lines
going nowhere, nowhere, now-here!’ ©

‘So stay with it for a while longer…
and see promises, feelings and sensations,
and remember you will need inspiration
to produce something, anything of value…’ ©

‘What now, what then?
At least I am able to choose for myself;
going nowhere maybe, nowhere and so
now-here! Here I am…’ ©


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