Young Summers

Our young summers spent together
Without getting to know one another
The sun shining on the Dolomites,
On the lakes, on the rivers, and on the stereotypes.

The sixties were a magical time or so we’re told
We were young and open, and all had yet to unfold
We were spared a great deal from the larger design
We were young, we were so young, and we were not yet defined.

Melodies played via the radio-waves
Information we couldn’t possibly perceive
We were young, we were so young, we were the sixties dudes
and the pied piper played so well his tune

Each autumn ended summer
and you left each year the same way
you left by train and I feared the time
you’ll be back with new tricks to show your new paradigm.

You were not bad, you were lost like all of us
And each summer we showed one another our grades
As we grew up together with bit of ourselves mislaid,
but on and on we spent our young summers together again

Then one day we grew older and apart
You were a man by now and drove a sport car
You showed me the Capital with pride in our hearts
And often remembered our young summers so far apart

You looked at me but I didn’t see you anymore
I simply left and discovered new shores
I travelled ‘round the world and sometimes I looked back
And one day I heard you left this world never to come back

There was a bridge high up and now
I can never ask you why
One early morning you chose to end it all
And jumped into oblivion thru one crazy hole

We were clever we were smart
We were children with great summers in our past
Who had no idea what was behind the radio-waves
When the pied piper played his double-tune so expertly veiled



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