High up on the hill looking down
parting into the void towards the ground
the joy of flying filling her up
anticipating her quest in the maze below
going, flying, feeling the winds in awe

Something higher guiding her will
without wings, only with dreams
her hands in space her vision so clear
lower and lower reaching her soul near

Touching the ground looking up higher
seeing spaciousness beyond her eyes
down below in her own creation
walking along the maze of illusion

Winning and losing feeling so bare
alone in the hope to find her true ‘bear’
inside the dungeon looking for her vision
eye to eye with her own disillusion

A sudden awareness trying to see
who is waiting for her to be clearly seen
could it be Shadow, could it be Fear
could it be Secret afraid to come near

Excitement and doubts taking over
the time is not ripe the game’s too clever
all realities mixed in her little heart
that infinite labyrinth is way too apart

Waiting for her somewhere so near
she could only sense but her eyes won’t clear
wishing and hoping but running away
her vision too cloudy her senses too afraid

Looking for a way out getting lost in the maze
losing her senses being the only way
awakening from it all feeling totally alone
missing her chance her secret gone

How long will she have to wait
to find her way through her vision again
going, flying, feeling the winds …
Invisible chances trying again she will …



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