Losing Our Summers


This WORLD full of rhetoric
Spewing out words belonging to someone else
Alibi used to hide the present
With distorted music played out in the square ©

In the wake of this illusion
I watch the leaves prematurely turning yellow
A sight fit for a painter
But to my aware senses a clear distortion ©

Do you understand the place you are IN
that place somewhere in between
where the really big time programming lives.
That place you know well with a name we call resistance ©

Attracted to that place
fascinated like bees producing honey
Seemingly complex in structure
Drawn back in a constant motion ©

But really where is the sense in that?
Some people call that purpose
Some other ask questions
Let’s open up to some other conclusion ©

You tell me something different
And I tell you a story
A story so complex in nature
You will laugh at the sound of it ©

You will laugh because you resonate with it
So next time you will consider your actions
Reconsider and think
How many people around you are on too many drugs ©

Some people always need and end to stories
But can YOU imagine being on your OWN
Trying new things out every day
Avoiding what you did yesterday? ©




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