A Shaman From California


The music ended –

Cannot hear the nice sixties tunes –
His eyes were black –
and I kept on looking … ©

Trying to minimize the pain –
Such a constant struggle –
and all I wanted was to understand –
HOW evolution works… ©

There was a man once who said:
‘Every strong emotion is never ONE WAY –
There is ALWAYS a resonance somewhere’
And that was such a relief to hear ©

So when I learnt he had gone –
When I saw he too had gone –
I soon recognized the false self –
It was easy in that house in the cave ©

YOU SEE he was lost in the mission –
Like that frog on the wall –
doing simple exercises –
trying hard to experience the essence ©

Independent of anything –
A changing state of consciousness –
Or something else or simply put –
He was lost in the mission of a modern disguise ©

When we met on those noted stairs –
I asked him who was it that said that –
And he said: ‘it was that shaman woman,
I guess she was from California…’ ©



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