Autumnal Day


In the magnificent Autumnal daylight…

so perfect in every way…
The sky blue, the sun warm, the river flowing…
Feeling like a frontrunner all the way ©

But that was NOT a day to die!
Not in the morning sunlight so clear…
But he had to ascend to the top that day,
and from the top he fell down … in tears ©

Part of the design perhaps,
or simply a definitive disposition…
We could theorize over and over,
not dismissing anything ©

Or else we could exploit the situation,
the way in which events are exploited instantly
to enhance this and that idea,
but ultimately we have ALL been played ©

For my own perspective however
alternative measures, if taken sincerely,
offer and endless amount of material
as one thing leads to another and so on… ©

A multitude of ideas and there lies the paradox,
by getting lost in there, we risk losing the present picture.
We risk reaching the top and get all thrown for a loop…
it’s a very sophisticated means of manipulating ©

One in which it’s hard to remain immune.
Isolated techniques may help…
but it’s necessary a level of detachment
if we don’t want to fall down when reaching the top … ©



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