Let’s dive in…. and look at:
the deep agenda
of psychiatry, better known as
behavioural control…

Insofar we know how
we all use our senses to live our life,
yet different people
use their senses in different ways…

Especially when they welcome a
huge measure of foolishness
about their conditions
as a substitute for their inadequacy.

Life’s unhappiness
require a shift in perception…
Rather than persuasions and dogmas
let’s have critical arguments instead.

Ambiguity and indecisions
masqueraded as ‘hope’ … yet we know
they are just an alibi of a conscience
that is simply dormant …

People nowadays seem so anonymous,
hard to recognize amongst goats …
Listening to words, distorting creativity
around the edges of distorted visions.

Uncertain as life may be…
LET new thoughts elaborate in the brain,
spinning the whole thing called LIFE
into a new perception…

Such contrast between LIVING and
allowing some entity stealing your life.
Think the professionals know best?
Think again!

Avoid, resist and reject being ‘diagnosed’.
It is after all your life and remember that
it’s difficult to have it all…
Something always eludes us.


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