Glasses are the problem…

Titian - Woman with a Mirror - c 1515

It’s NOT just the constant NEWS

nor the constant rainy days…
It’s not about what they did to us,
nor the frightening isolated ways…

As we view the kids playground
the chaotic horizons bound by sound,
and all of them and their meaningless words
distorting creativity replacing keywords.

In the wake of this illusion
I watch the leaves prematurely turning yellow
a sight fit for a painter
but to my aware senses a clear distortion…

And it’s so that I’m nearly 60 years of age
and have not yet found a formula for myself
to survive the days of this strange life of mine
captivated by the stillness of a starry night…

Do we understand the place we are IN
that place somewhere in between
where the really big time programming lies
outside that space-time of our creative side…

That place where we hold INTENTION
Where we try so hard to be in tune
but stopping on our tracks when feeling TENSION
mixing false facts and real events…

To understand what’s going on
we ought to break habits, rituals and superstitions,
we need to observe deep in us
our reactions and our predispositions.

And so we fell down once more
showing our weaknesses
but since then we came to the conclusion
that glasses are the problem NOT the solution!



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