Blue Eyes

Latest Blue1

We met by design, the door opened and you smiled

I was captured by your blue eyes
You were sent into my path,
by a force for us too small to recognize.

You were part of it, I know each time you appeared into my life,
disorienting it somehow; you were always part of it, part of the big lie
I see now your clear blue eyes,
designed so blue and your smile so wide….

My eyes were also blue and my smile even wider, but I often looked at you
‘cause I was captured by your blue far away smiling eyes.
We promised a life of wonder we met in various places
and every time it was amazing.

Promises and false logic were the opening keys
and we just fell thru it…
into a system that betrayed everyone then and now
‘cause they see when we are weak and they just take over somehow.

I think you NEVER lied to me really, but you never told me the whole truth…
At times I wondered if you ever knew I knew that too!
So now we are fighting backwards YOU and I …
‘cause I don’t remember your clear blue eyes …




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