Angelica Kauffman - Composition

We were meant to share the first years of our lives

while you were happy to be
I felt lost struggling to just be
only now I know you never knew how to be with me.

So you took and kept what you could
but one day I left and threw your plans in disarray
I didn’t think you would mind
I didn’t think of you at all; I just went my own way.

We were meant to share
but I was given the principal room
it was my life after all
and I decided you didn’t count at all.

It worked for many years
then one day Yolanda disappeared
the young girl was quite upset
she came with a large note and placed it on the stand.

It read: ‘Where is Yolanda… underneath?’
it was known Yolanda had gone, she had left via the
garden’s gate, the note was right and she knew it
because it was her who pushed her away…

But she didn’t know that yet … the garden had been
moved and given a ‘proper’ make over, she ran where
the gate used to be …
but that now it was no more.

Nobody wanted her around as she was an intruder in their
world … there was something wrong in their lives too,
but until someone pointed out to them they wouldn’t
know and thought that of course all was just fine …

So now that the ‘note’ was on display they had to read it;
it was dark, cold and damp; there was only one candle left…
Luna held the note high but nobody seemed to care, she was
considering going away… when suddenly she heard a voice:

A little child called her ‘Would you like to play?’ …Turning
she saw a little girl: ‘Yes, sure!’ she was so beautiful, Luna
took her hand like way back when and walked with her for
a while again; all the way to the woodlands gathering stones.

Looking fragile, wearing a black coat, smiling wearily:
‘Hello I wanted to see the mountains, do you think it’s late?’
‘Oh … it’s not late, it never is! Come let’s go all the way
we used to… now it’s the best time up there!’

After all these years apart a common cause pulled them close;
Luna arrived with the note from Yolanda in one hand and
holding the little child with the other hand, she knew it wasn’t
going to be easy as the paradigm shift was still on the way …

She found a wall, surrounded by gates and constructions on
the outside she checked the ground, but didn’t lock the door
and people simply slipped inside taking what they could….
now she was on the stairs yelling: ‘…don’t ever come back!’

It was not meant to be like that, but the note didn’t get lost;
Yolanda held her hand even though Luna felt defeated…
Walking carefully down the stairs she stayed in the moment
for both their fair… and at the bottom, they stepped outside.

In the morning watching from the window the clouds lifting
showing the imposing forest and the sky turning indigo…
it was a sign… Luna saw a gleam of hope blossoming …
Yolanda was in pain, but was smiling showing her the garden.

Digging with her hands into the soil going deeper and deeper
she felt something cutting through her nail, a weird sensation,
but persisted way into the soil deeper and deeper…and she
realized she truly came from an enchanting place.

Now getting somewhere… at long last realizing:
‘I’m sorry I never said good-by when I left the first time;
I didn’t think you cared, besides I was so scared
of leaving, of staying, of life and everything ahead’.

‘Like you, like me, like everyone around
we share, we stumble, we fall into the ground
on we go sister of mine up and up and down somewhere
take my hand if you will, we could move over there…’


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