Introduction to my new book:

I read somewhere we are programmed in 3D and in this program there are things such as beliefs, principles, languages, religions, education, and so on. All boxed up in a way.
In order to understand where we are and WHO we are, we need to first look inside the box and see what’s in there, see if we like it or not and what to do about it.

What is the BOX? How do we look inside it?

The short answer to both questions is: education! Education is the box and the key to look into it.
Learning is paramount so we begin with education and then we need to be exposed to new ideas beyond the education system; we need to learn as much as possible as often as we can.
When we feel bored with what’s on offer we need to gravitate towards something else, that’s when we begin to listen, we begin to really learn and start researching.
While researching we discover things and begin to see what’s around us; and we begin to see how REALITY is and NOT what we think it is.
At that moment we begin to wake up. That moment is the beginning of AWAKENING!

Awakening has become one of those buzz words kidnapped by some to keep us from awakening into life. We all come to this world with some abilities, some are natural, and some are achievable.

Often when we begin to see differently we may not like what we see and sometimes it’s not possible to continue our lives as before; sometimes we wish to just disappear somewhere; but ultimately we know the ones who have opened that window can only go all the way.

But first we need to backtrack a little and re-learn history to understand better where we are now, and be able to recognize the GAMES and the DISTORTIONS and UNDERSTAND how we can make better choices and live in tune with what we came here for.

A clue is to recognize patterns in our lives to recognize the pied piper and stop following its tune.

But the analogy of humans as computer is silly; we are NOT computers! Although having programs downloaded as shown in ‘The Matrix’ would be handy. We are NOT computers, and we need to work at things, and work really hard, always remembering we have choices; we have the ability to learn new things all the time, we have the ability to adapt and we have the ability to step back and deprogram ourselves.

In fact we can do anything we want to, but we need to want it! We need to have a VISION and want it badly enough to achieve it. Knowledge is the KEY and we must try, try and try again with determination, purpose and fortitude. We need to listen, watch, learn new things, research, meditate and use logic, and most of all keep our minds open.

We can learn from books and also from life, we can learn from ART and also from people around us.
We need to TRAVEL, we need to go and check the world and sing about it! When we move out of our boundaries we have to adapt and doing so require all our senses; when we use our senses we expand our perception and we get new experiences.
Our knowledge with our experience and willingness to learn will open doors to awareness and insights into how we can develop our talents and abilities.

Where would we be without our dreams?
Where would we be without our imagination?
Where would we be without chances to access other dimensions?


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