Historical Chessboard

This is a short selection of a chapter of my new book ‘Historical Chessboard’ –
A book I am trying to get published –
Feedback is welcome –
London 1982

Luna kept looking at Turner’s artwork Venice: Looking across the Lagoon at Sunset

when a long past memory surfaced: Venice, the lagoon… and the sun setting on the lagoon in mid-summer, all the way to London in 1982.

At that time Luna was busy learning English while meeting people from a variety of places, in those days the city was buzzing with life and changes. In those days London was amazing!

His name was Marco (surely not his real name) he said he came from Florence (possibly) he spoke beautifully and had the right accent. He was travelling a lot and when in London he would crash out at Luna’s place she was sharing with other people.

One day they sat on the roof of their building in Earls’ Court and he asked her some strange questions to which she answered unconcerned except for:
‘Do you exercise?’
‘Exercise, why? Yeah I guess sometimes…’
‘You should do it daily!’
‘Daily no kidding, who has time for that?’
‘Well, you should find time like you find time for other things you do daily!’
And then he asked: ‘Tell me in your own words what is ‘truth’?’
Many words filled her brain, many ideas and concepts moved around in her mind and yet she knew none were her own and she didn’t know the answer to that simple question. Luna didn’t say a word.
Suddenly a piece of paper flew away and Luna reached out to catch it, Marco grabbed her arm and yelled at her: ‘What’s wrong with you? Risking your life for a piece of paper?’

He had strange friends maybe not ‘friends’ as such but people circled around him often, and so they frequented the house Luna shared with other people, they were mainly Italians who were running from Italy, they were away because of a major blunder the State had played on them. Some were just kids who got caught in a game bigger than them and had to ‘hide’ somewhere.
Like Mazzini they went to France first and then on somewhere else, some arrived in London, but unlike Mazzini, their belief system was shattered; they were at best angry and very lost, but they were highly intelligent people well educated, smart and knew way too much of the system that betrayed them all the way. Italy lost the best of the intellectuals and smartest brain of a generation why? Because the larger plan was to get rid of them to allow the rest of the population to be dumped down by the new so called ‘economic boom’ which revealed it-self to be none other than a decoy to get us where we are now.
This ‘lost intelligentsia’ busied itself doing all sorts of jobs mainly in restaurants but also setting up ways to make easy money. Some opened travel agencies, some worked in the few casinos in town, and some found steady income by modelling, naked, for students at some art colleges. Luna was offered a place too, but it was an impossible task maybe in a warmer place, not London.
And then a good number was connected with the drug trafficking and all sort of derivations all the way to South America.

One of them shared Luna’s house with his girlfriend, he was very smart, his name reminded her of a blue lagoon, which she used as his nickname. Bluelagoon was sharp and belligerent; obviously he had some issues with himself and couldn’t cope. One day Luna returned home earlier and found him dragging Cindy his girlfriend all over the kitchen floor by her hair; the scene was so strange to her eyes, she just stood there watching the scene like an imbecile.
Cindy was yelling: ‘Luna! Look what he is doing to me, he is crazy…. Look!’ laughing hysterically.
Luna didn’t know what stunned her the most, he was a tall guy but thin and she was a strong woman, if she wanted she just had to react and ‘blow’ him away, instead of laughing and stirring him up further, expecting Luna to get involved.
Then the most incredible thing happened he started laughing as well, but he wasn’t stopping pulling as if they were rehearsing something. That went on for a while until Luna yelled ‘Stop it right now!’
Then they all sat down to smoke a cigarette while Bluelagoon rolled something else.

‘He is crazy, but I understand him, you know he suffered a lot!’ Cindy said
‘Where? Why?’
‘He is on the run and money is running out, his family is refusing to support him financially anymore.’
Luna sat silent, listening…. Some time passed and Cindy continued:
‘There is something you need to know: he is a journalist and has found out some things, incredible things. He was not working alone, but the other 2 died in Lebanon so he got scared and left Italy, he thinks the other two discovered something that was annoying some people, important people.’
Luna felt a chill … maybe the opened window.
‘He is freaking out, because he doesn’t know what to do!’
‘By pulling your hair?’
Cindy inhaled a long puff and blew out a long trail of smoke.
Suddenly Luna didn’t trust Cindy, and didn’t want to hear anymore… she just wanted to learn English properly and survive that period, that’s all.
Cindy continued: ‘you see, he doesn’t trust me, he doesn’t trust anybody and he wants to leave, so we are moving out soon, we will find a little apartment and go, you will have to find other lodgers.’



  1. Its main storyline is engaging. It makes me want to know more of what is behind it. Some of the details in the scene seem to be missing though. It’s just a short snippet, so those missing pieces that make the story come alive may be filled in elsewhere. Perhaps the meta has been explored earlier on, and can be filled in easily by the imagination.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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