Why People …


In 2011 or maybe earlier there was a guy called Jonathan on YouTube who wanted people to understand some things, in one of his major talks he asked:



Our Own Fake News

It’s like when looking from a bridge
The wind pushing to the edge
The waiting nearly over
Only time to value disclosure

A decision taken at last
It wasn’t supposed to be over so fast
A detour in time nothing more
Forcing you and I on the shore

Please don’t say I told you so
It’s the easiest defence you should know
I tried so hard but faced with your views
The mirror cracked even our own fake news

To Be Cont… Copyright

Historical Chessboard

This is a short selection of a chapter of my new book ‘Historical Chessboard’ –
A book I am trying to get published –
Feedback is welcome –
London 1982

Luna kept looking at Turner’s artwork Venice: Looking across the Lagoon at Sunset